Terence Ruffle at the Swifts July 7th 2018

Here’s videos of parts of 3 Bowie songs I sang on July 7th. Thanks to Claire Surtees for camera work 🙂





Outrage! Horror! Terence Ruffle in solo festival gig shocker!


In a statement released earlier today, Terence Ruffle confirmed he is playing at this year’s Mogwai free festival at Heybridge Swifts FC stadium, Scraley road, in Heybridge, on the 7th of July 2018.
Terence has confirmed he’ll be singing “the songs of David Bowie” for what may possibly be the last time.
The festival is in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis society.
More details to follow soon….



Heaven knows who’s playing, or what time. But it’s said I’ll go on between 7.00-7.30 p.m.

Need I say more?



Make that 6.30 ish……

Only me and Popcorn Lung playing now……:(



Well I enjoyed the gig, and the sound was excellent apparently.

But the turn out was frankly awful: there were maybe 100ish people spread around the club. It’s a fair sized place so they looked really thin on the ground. I guess the football had a lot to do with it, but of course, no one really gives a damn about live music any more. Even the folk who say they do don’t bother to attend gigs. And shame on the few people I did invite for not attending.

A special mention goes out to the retards who decided to attempt to totally wreck the day by beating the shit out of each other. I think the older people in the audience will think twice about attending any similar events at the Swifts and it will do nothing to promote the club as a family venue. Surely these troublemakers will be identified and barred from the club for life?

I think it’s a fair bet to assume that unless some one makes me an offer I can’t refuse, that was the last time I’ll perform the Bowie show. And next time someone tells me how much they love Bowie and live music generally I’ll try not to poke their eyes out!

There’s some video of the day, I’ll post it asap……

Broken Kitty……


Oh please won’t you give me pity

I feel like a broken kitty

All the people I held dear

Are lost and gone and far not near


Back to the void back to my bed

Where I can rest my wretched head

And dream of days so bright and fair

When I had love but didn’t care


Oh please won’t you give me pity

I feel like a broken kitty

No passion for this hapless daw

Who had real love but wanted more

Crashed – Christmas 2010 – Crispian St Boulevard

Here’s a piece Crispian wrote for his blog in 2010.

It’s supposed to bring a smile…..


We love you 🙂

As my regular readers will know, I’ve had something of an “Annus horriblus” to quote Her Maj. Or as my Chav brothers would say, a “fuck off” year.. Having had all my work dry up, it was inevitable I’d have to sign on, and frankly I was dreading it. There’s such a stigma attached to it, thanks to the gutter media ( and for me that’s all newspapers and tv ) and even my closest sensible friends drone on about “dole queue scroungers” and “single Mothers”.
Single Mothers……hmmm…..well I’ve coupled with and known a good number of them, and as far as I know none of them were sleeping on mattresses stuffed full of £20 notes. In fact, to the contrary, most of them live meagre, hand-to-mouth existences.

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Sixty? FUCK!!!

Sixty? Are you sure? I don’t bloody believe it! I made it to sixty years of age!

Several weeks ago I had a thorough physical MOT: blood tests, heart and liver functions, blood pressure, cholesterol, prostate etc etc. and all of it came back “no further action required”. I was astounded tho’ not surprised: liver function good? Shurely some mistake? … Read more »

The dirty dreams of
Gauge Wombwell.
Part 1: Death and how to live it

I had an extremely odd thought today. What with all the people that have left my life of late, I began to wonder, what if I’m dead and I simply don’t realise it? … Read more »

Somebody put something in my drink……

I returned to the Costa Blanca recently, with the intention of finding out exactly what the situation was like there for a jobbing musician. I did a lot of foot work, and knocked on quite a few doors and networked with a few people that had been or were in the business. It turns out that the wage for a singer there is pretty awful: an average of 50 Euros a gig, probably somewhere like a third of what I receive here, when I am actually able to gig, which is very rare nowadays……. … Read more »

Just because……xx

George Wombwell: post script……

In light of my cousin Shaun Everett’s excellent new book ( part two of his proposed three part George Wombwell biography ) I feel there’s a couple of things that I need to say about my own writings on George, an addendum if you like. … Read more »

I want my own planet!


I was at the tram station in Villajoyosa late one evening recently. Behind the station there’s one of the two stray cat colonies in the town. I had fifteen minutes before my tram was due, so I went over to see if I could make a new friend.
Last year when I’d been at the other end of town early one evening, I’d seen an elderly fellow, probably in his late seventies, feeding the other colony, with what looked like fish. He had a sholley and every so often he’d pull something from it wrapped in paper. He’d lay it in the road near a parked car, and the cats made a bee line for it. I smiled at the old boy and put my thumbs up and thanked him, what a dear, sweet man. … Read more »