Outrage! Horror! Terence Ruffle in solo festival gig shocker!


In a statement released earlier today, Terence Ruffle confirmed he is playing at this year’s Mogwai free festival at Heybridge Swifts FC stadium, Scraley road, in Heybridge, on the 7th of July 2018.
Terence has confirmed he’ll be singing “the songs of David Bowie” for what may possibly be the last time.
The festival is in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis society.
More details to follow soon….



Heaven knows who’s playing, or what time. But it’s said I’ll go on between 7.00-7.30 p.m.

Need I say more?



Make that 6.30 ish……

Only me and Popcorn Lung playing now……:(



Well I enjoyed the gig, and the sound was excellent apparently.

But the turn out was frankly awful: there were maybe 100ish people spread around the club. It’s a fair sized place so they looked really thin on the ground. I guess the football had a lot to do with it, but of course, no one really gives a damn about live music any more. Even the folk who say they do don’t bother to attend gigs. And shame on the few people I did invite for not attending.

A special mention goes out to the retards who decided to attempt to totally wreck the day by beating the shit out of each other. I think the older people in the audience will think twice about attending any similar events at the Swifts and it will do nothing to promote the club as a family venue. Surely these troublemakers will be identified and barred from the club for life?

I think it’s a fair bet to assume that unless some one makes me an offer I can’t refuse, that was the last time I’ll perform the Bowie show. And next time someone tells me how much they love Bowie and live music generally I’ll try not to poke their eyes out!

There’s some video of the day, I’ll post it asap……

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