It’s a year today since Terry died and I miss him more than ever. We hadn’t seen each other for a decade or so, so I didn’t miss seeing him when he died, but we kept in contact via frequent emails – and the longer I go without hearing from him or emailing him, the more I miss the old fucker! We were friends for fifty years, and we developed a lot of our outlook on life together – mostly when we were teenagers. When he died, it felt like part of me had died too. I could talk to him about things I can’t talk about to anyone else – not expecting them to understand me in the same way Terry would have, anyway.

Will Kemp

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  1. Terry was a big part of my life when I was just a teenager, I always remember our times together like they were yesterday, I guess he was my first real love and although we split and moved on I never forgot him.
    It gave me great pleasure to reconnect with him some 30 years later and we spent many hours reminiscing about the good ol days.
    I remember at the tender age of 16 sitting in his bedroom while he sang to me,
    “Good guys die young!” They most certainly do 😢
    I didn’t know of Terrys death until a month or so after, as we had lost touch again but I found out he was buried in maldon and eventually found his grave!
    Incidentally it’s a hundred yards away from where my mum is buried which I actually find quite amusing that they ended up laying very close to each other,
    They really didn’t get on at all!!
    When ever I visit my mums grave (which isn’t as often as I like, as I no longer live in Maldon) I always leave a single rose for him and spend a little time at his graveside fondly remembering him.
    Terry Ruffle always loved, never forgotten ❤️

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