Terence Ruffle RIP

I am sad to have to announce the death of my old friend, Terence Ruffle, the author of this blog. Terry died on 3 October 2020 after an illness which lasted for about a year. He was 63.

This site will remain in place indefinitely, as it has material which is potentially useful to some people. I will moderate any comments which may be posted on existing articles. I’m not going to write an obituary as this blog serves as one on its own.

Will Kemp

6 Responses to “Terence Ruffle RIP”

  1. Terry was my dear friend for over 35 years. I`m so thankful I had the opportunity to see him on his birthday, just 5 days before he died.
    I am so sad at his loss. RIP dear Tev. xx

  2. Relative; friend and inspiration was ourTel. You don’t know what you have till it’s gone. I visit him weekly and talk rock and roll.

  3. so sad to hear that terence is no longer with us,i am a cousin of his,my mum was the child of kathleen nee layzell who was the sister of terences nan ada,i became a friend of his on facebook and wondered why i wasnt hearing from him for a long time,i will be forever grateful to him as he has helped me find alot of my ancestry back ground,so sad he was taking so young,Thank you will for keeping the blog open for how long you can

  4. So sad to hear this

    I was looking at this blog only last year and remembering Maldon and my brief association with you all.

    God bless and rest in peace Terry


  5. So sad to hear this news i used to drink with Terry and Mark in the old Queens Head down on the quay back in the late 70’s, and together with Gary Pratt and Jon Corby used to follow his band The Accidents, went to a number of his gigs and remember the first single they released . RIP Terry a real character – I moved away from Maldon in the early eighties although carried on playing Rugby there for a number years commuting from Southend -eventually left the UK in 1989 and now retired in Asia.

  6. I am saddened to hear of the passing of Terrance. Although late in the day, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends. We first made contact quite some while ago when we were both researching our family history – my Great, grandfather being Charlie Birch who worked for/travelled with Bostock and Wombwell’s Menagerie. I would like to add, should anyone care to try and contact me about ant related (please excuse the pun) family history they can do so by email: chasb67@hotmail.co.uk

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