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Surf Rats 1 by Anya Ferris

Here’s four tracks from what was to be the Surf Rats last gig, on the 17th of December 2010, enjoy!

Baby Blue

Baby let’s play house

Double talking baby

Shakin’ all over


Accidents single front

Here’s the Accidents single, originally released in 1979, remastered from original two track stereo master:

Blood spattered with guitars

Curtains for you


A track from a session Thee Light Brigade did for Tim Aves show on Saint FM, the 3rd of September 2000. A Tin Machine cover, Baby Universe. Ben’s lead is all but mixed out, but Tev’s remains……

Baby Universe

And an Eric Carmen cover……

That’s Rock’n’Roll


And here’s the album “Kiss me on the Apocalips” by the Accidents, remastered by me from vinyl:

Rifle Worship

Around the world in a daze

Play for today

She’s leaving here tonight

Calender Gurl


Trigger happy

Puss in boots

Looking forward to

Good guys die young

It’s nature



Here’s a song I wrote in the Summer of 1981, performed by the Accidents mark 2 ( featuring Bomber on bass, and Max on drums, along with Mark and I ) live at the Plume school Maldon 22-10-81, Guns that fire flowers……



Here’s a song I recorded for mine and Barb’s album, “The Imperial bed” in 2002, David Bowie’s very wonderful Space Oddity……


Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time, courtesy of me old mate Matthew West, here ’tis, the first ever Accidents gig, at the Colchester institute, on the 5th of November 1977, in pristine stereo sound. Rock out……with major fuzz!

Life oh yeah

Worn out Yeti

Dancehall Disaster


X marks the spot

Teenage Romance

All or nothing

Police stop

The kids are alright

I’ve finished with Finland


Terence Ruffle

And here’s another milestone in my Rock’n’Roll life, the Surf Rats album, Surf’n’Burn……

Rat Motor

The race is on


Magic Carpet

Wild side of life

The way I walk

Surf Party

Brand New Cadillac

Train kept a rollin’

Saturday night a the duck pond

Worryin’ kind

Folsom prison blues

Mr. Moto


Long White Cadillac

Banzai Washout

Shakin’ all over


La Compasa




Here’s a series of demo’s, made between 1985-1986, by the Gene Tryp,

The Psychedelic Feedback Farmers –

I still feel fine

Angel face of a gun girl


And your bird can sing


Set my ship on fire

She steps out of the picture

She don’t care about time

Colour me gone

Turn your headlight on

Can’t get my head around her




Here’s a couple of home demos I made with E and Ben Newton, in the Spring of 2004. Incredibly, both songs came to me in dreams……

The World is wonderful ( and so am I )

When I die


Flying Heroes Tollesbury 3-9-83


Here’s a handful of demos I made with the fabulous Flying Heroes, between 1983/84, featuring the brilliant Carl Seagar, with me on vocals ( and lead guitar on “Unknown Boy! yikes!! ) aided variously by Peter Haggart, Nick Fisher, and Colin Woolway:-

Give it up

Unknown Boy


Good for you

Nothing at all



Live at the Burnham festival, on the 26th of June 1999, Thee Light Brigade, Into the valley of Deaf……

Down on the street

I wanna be your dog

Ziggy Stardust

Moonage daydream

Get it on


Barn's wedding June 1980 1

Here’s a single I made with Mark Robins, circa 1992. He wrote both tracks and played all the guitars. It features Gary Bennett on bass, Jick on drums, and Hughie Mitchell on keyboards. Paul Caddick played the wang bar solo on “Helium”:

Believed it then

Call me Helium



Here’s a selection of demos I made in South Florida in 1990, firstly with thee Exploding Clocks, who mutated into the Sniffs. I play the feedbacking guitar and sing lead vox on all of it, except “Die” and “Tipper”:

Now you’re gone

Lies and Truth

Time for confusion

Stay, go or die

New York Doll

Tipper Gore



Here’s some demos the Accidents made with John “Jesus and Mary Chain” Loader in 1978/79. Aside from the usual Holy Trinity of Mark, Paul and I, Nick Fisher plays the bass, fabulously:


Never tell a soul

Good guys die young

Curtains for you

I’m dead ( but I’m alive to the world )

Blood spattered with guitars


Terence Ruffle Fort Lauderdale the Mayor's parade along the Intercoastal

Here’s a demo I made at Jem’s house in Victoria road, in April 1991. There’s ten Terence’s on this track, bass, numerous guitars and vocals, and of course I wrote it: I believe the drum machine was E’s, and programmed by him. Both Jem and E engineered/recorded it, through a blue fog……

Leaving on a Jet plane

Here’s a series of demos I made in 1980 at Pete Reynold’s STMS studio: most of the songs were inspired by a psychedelic trip with Jed Wilson, to search for Horseradish on a beautiful sunny Autumnal day. A touch of the Barrett’s I fear:


My Champion

Melt your mind

Cosmic Cufflinks

Sandy on Z planet


Here’s some “Lounge” style demos I made in 2008:

Feelings –

Hero –

Fly me to the moon –


And here’s an unfinished demo of “Hickory Wind” that Kelvin Pratt and I made in 2014, shortly after Jem’s death –