The War in Syria and other fables

Is there really a war in Syria? Judging by all the refugees in Europe, yes, there really is. Sadly, if we look at the “official figures” relating to all the migrants in Europe, we see that well over half of those refugees are from Afghanistan and Iraq and numerous other countries. And before you say “isn’t it bleedin’ obvious? it’s in the news”,  I have to say right now, I simply don’t believe 99.9% of what our “media” tells us.

I find it rather odd that the British media has put the Syrian war on the news back burner. Where is all the ghastly footage of the bombings and all the related atrocities? There may be the odd ISIS beheading/crucifixion ( yawn ) peppering the internet media, just to keep the anti Islam sentiment alive, but really, neither the BBC or Sky make any fuss about it any more. War: ho hum, day in, day out. Thank god us Brits went in there and “bombed the bastards”, otherwise this war could have dragged on for months!

And I’m sorry, Jeremy Corbyn lost all credibility for me when he allowed his MPs a free vote on the bombing of Syria. And not only did he lose his credibility he also lost his power. Did the country not elect Corbyn as the leader of the Labour party? Surely he is supposed to represent the people? Yet he let some Tory todger sucking Labour MPs fracture his leadership, and I’m afraid as far as I’m concerned he completely lost his mojo at that point. Sure he looks like everyone’s favourite geography teacher, and I really must put together a “Just Giving” page to sort out those much needed leather patches for his elbows, but otherwise, he’s about as much a threat to Camoron as, well, no threat whatsoever……

Of course I may be mad, but I’m not insane, and I believe that the world’s media is carefully manufactured and controlled. Yup, even your favourite Russian news channel “that really is unbiased”. What we read/hear/see is mostly concocted solely for the purpose of eliciting a reaction or view point from a subjugated populace. Hate the Muslims or the poor, or whoever, for whatever purpose Mr Murdoch and his pals in the weapons industry see fit. The reinforcing of negative stereotypes produces pro war sentiment which produces lots of profit for the Industrial Military complex. Uncle Dwight tried to warn us in 1962:

I guess once Uncle Rupert and Donny Trump pal up, CBS and the BBC will read like it’s been scripted by Hans Christian Anderson, and probably not in a good way. Some might say it already does……
Oh yeah, whilst we’re Trumping, that Pope dude ( ooh, isn’t he a one? gosh he really tells it like it is, right? ) says that Mr Trump isn’t Christian? That’s rich, coming from someone who heads an organisation that owns the Vatican, whose bank has assets of almost $8 billion dollars, and manages equity of almost a billion dollars, not to mention it’s gold reserve of £500 million, and that’s just the stuff they tell us about. By my reckoning those vast finances could easily end world poverty at a stroke. So far, with that little problem, not so good. Oh, and Papa and his team say they’re not obliged to inform on Priests and all those other purple dress wearing pervos when they molest children. Guess it’s like a paedo club for the pious. Again, not so good. And I guess there’s little point in mentioning the Vatican assisted 100’s of Nazi war criminals escape justice during and after the 2nd world war?
So here’s the news: the Pope is full of shite, but you knew that, right?


So our media tells us that Amerika is gripped with Trump fever. The less reverent amongst us will ascertain that the US has always expelled a lot of hot air from it’s arse, and that Donald is keeping up an age worn tradition. Speaking as someone who lived in the US for a few years, and still communicates with several good friends there, I’d have to tell you my American buds are little different to my English ones, perhaps a little more animated, but by and large just as hip and funny. Sure, I met one or two hardcore rednecks in my travels, and I worked with a guy who tried to enlist me into the local Klu Klux Klan, but by and large I found Americans to be intelligent, polite, funny and hip, and certainly not anything like the neo fascist, misogynist, xenophobic stereotype that the media portrays Donald Trump to be.

Just for the record, assuming that some of the bullshit about Trump is true, and not all media invention, I think anyone who belittles a woman because she has to use the loo, or berates the Mexicans ( a passionate and funny race ) because of the US cartel’s insane policy on drugs, or calls his rivals a “pussy”, is a vulgar, potty mouthed buffoon.
What would my Mother say? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all! And I’ve yet to hear him say anything coherent or intelligent thus far.


Just for once, could one of these self appointed political “mouthpieces” talk about love, instead of hate? How about calling for compassion, forgiveness and understanding, instead of building walls and name calling and hatred? How about “Give Peace a chance”?

And how about the Pope and all the other “religious” heads call for immediate world peace, and use their vast financial holdings to sort out hunger and drought? How about the “religious” leaders of the world shame the US and Europe for waging war and demand they cease and desist?

I guess I had some of these thoughts because an old Floridian mate of mine started blogging recently, and posed the question: why can’t love, instead of hate, be the power behind money? And I thought about his profound musings long and hard, and however “X files” it might sound, in my mind there’s no doubt that there is a new world order, controlled by the über wealthy, to uphold their financial domination of the planet. And that new world order is called the Industrial military complex, and they own all the pertinent politicians on the planet.

And back to the “war on drugs”: most people assume that the money made from drugs is within a “black economy”, a criminal, cash economy. But of course with the recent news that banks like HSBC laundered huge sums of money for the drug cartels ( heaven forbid they should be prosecuted! ) it’s clear we truly have a world “narconomy” running along side of our regular economy, dominated by the free trade of Mama Coca and the billions she generates.


As it stands, the media would have us believe the world is awash with evil, that there’s war in every corner of the globe, and that Mother Earth is on her last legs. But if my neighbourhood is like a microcosm of our world, well everyone gets on reasonably well, everyone says hi, there’s little crime and I’d say there was a good deal of respect amongst my fellow man. And wow, there’s a ton of fishes in the canal, lots of birds in my garden, and wildlife continues to thrive. People by and large are good, hard working folk, and I don’t believe there’s many that would support any type of war.

Is the world really inherently evil? Are we destined to destroy our world? You know what? I don’t think we are. Fuck the Christian/Catholic/Muslim/Jewish negative view of humanity, we really ain’t that bad. All they want to do is control us, steal our money and stop us thinking. Just like the ruling classes.
As Vivekananda wrote “there’s only two types of religion, one with books, and one without”. And both of them want us to think negative, impure thoughts about our fellow man, because it advances their perverted interests. We have only the media’s word on all these dreadful events that are happening, and as my Father once said, “don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see, then you’ll be alright”. And here we go, back to Mr Trump and Mr Jerry Hall. As some wag was want to say, let’s hope the ex Mrs Jagger shags Rupert into an early grave……only trouble is his boy wonder is waiting in the wings.

Well I guess whilst we’re waiting for this migrant invasion from Syria etc., we can just chill out, enjoy a nice Indian meal, drink some good Italian wine or Hungarian beer, and afterwards we can smoke some nice weed that the Chinese Mafia have been kind enough to grow for us, perhaps a couple of lines of Columbia’s finest before we have a shag, not forgetting to put on our Korean condoms so we don’t get that nasty American disease.

Bloody foreigners……

“All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is dying. Therefore love for love’s sake, because it is the only law of life, just as you breathe to live.”
Swami Vivekananda

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  1. Good to happen on your musings again Terry. Nice piece…hope all’s well mate 🙂

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